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Carla Righi

Lives and works in Castel d’Aiano. Woman and Mother, almost always on the run trying to work out all the ups and downs of an increasingly complicated everyday life.

In the midst of the “almost always”, Carla moulds clay in her workshop – more of a shelter for her, close to her house, equipped with a furnace, lots of clay, colors and surrounded by the green of the woods and the silent noise of the mountains.

She gives freedom to bodies and faces otherwise trapped in their motionless prison of matter. Bodies and faces amazing in their peculiar shape balance, in their restless and vibrant plasticity.

Her works display - with equal pride and a straightforward language – the transparent sensuality of female nudes, the baroque liveliness of the jolly maternity figures and the impetuous exuberance of horses and horsemen, showing her inspirational hand. She never hides herself behind mannerisms and empty aestheticism.

Carla’s only source of inspiration and direction is reality itself – no other academic reference at all -, which she studies, absorbs, translates and transfers onto the clay with a refined technique and a sumptuous fantasy. It’s the fascination, the feelings, the affection of defined moments of life she models in her hands, in a natural and involving way.

Her creations are pristine. Uncontaminated by rules or a scholastic touch, they bear the simplicity and yet the peculiarity of an instinctive form of art. The act of “Inventio” is, therefore, magnified.

Carla shapes and gives life also to the classic characters of the Holy Nativity, bringing together the need for a faithful interpretation with an essential composition. Her works are very respectful of the traditional iconography and yet a new life beats inside them, thanks to her very own esthetic trademark.

At Christmas 2009, Carla has been asked to mould twenty statues for the Holy Nativity to be displayed in San Pietro Cathedral, Bologna. In this evocative representation, all the characters involved cradle baby Jesus Christ with the intense, spiritual sweetness of their expressions and the peacefulness of their attitudes, though lightly tinged with an unconscious sadness for a tragic epilogue. The angel in particular has an impressive energy in his expression, sweetened by the elegance of his motion.


Gian Carlo Sbardella



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